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Lingyin Construction Materials Ltd | Spring Festival Party 2020


Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. In the days of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, we usher in a new year. On January 14, 2020, the annual conference of Lingyin Group with the theme of [One hundred races, one thousand sails, one sailing in the wind and the other is sailing" was successfully concluded.

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Summarize the present and look to the future. On the afternoon of the annual meeting, various departments of Lingyin Group carried out the 2019 work summary and carried out unified planning and deployment for the work in 2020.

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Mr. Wen Qilong, general manager of Lingyin Group, made a brief analysis of the company's data in 2019. He said that in 2020, we will continue to upgrade our products, improve market competitiveness, increase brand publicity, carry out work in an all-round way, and achieve new goals.

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During the meeting, Mr. Wen Hua, a member of the Board of Lingyin Group, made an important speech on the work of Lingyin Group in 2019 and the plan for 2020. He said, "Facing 2020, the Lingyin Group will continue to have the same confidence, passion and full of enthusiasm. I am convinced that in the future journey, the Lingyin Group will be invincible and return with full load."

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Ms. Liu Yiman, director of the planning department, summarized the work of the planning department for the whole year of 2019. At the same time, she emphasized that in 2020, publicity, services and skills should be based on consumer satisfaction, while providing consumers with ingenious products and providing quality services. Increase brand enjoyment. Constantly establish brand awareness and pursue higher challenges! Strengthen the team, execute the details, and achieve yourself!

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Mr. Lei Zhenyu, the director of the operation department, summarized the work performance, existing problems and deficiencies of the operation department in 2019, and deployed the work in 2020. In the new year, it will change the operating thinking and actively face Challenge to provide more accurate data traffic for various departments.

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Mr. Yang Jianhe, the head of the finance department, conducted a data analysis on the work of the finance department in 2019, and summarized the need to stand firm in the competition. In the work, the focus, correct thinking, and truth-seeking are mainly based on the company's unified deployment. In 2020, we must uphold a little bit of hard work and a little bit of gain, and we must combine the actual problems with the cooperation between various departments to complete the financial work in a timely, accurate, and effective manner.

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Personnel Supervisor Ms. Deng Dan said that 2019 will be a year of continuous improvement of the team building and system construction of Lingyin Group. In 2020, the focus will be on the implementation of the system and the implementation of the new system. Programs to improve employee satisfaction and per capita efficiency.

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Ms. Chen Lijuan of the Ministry of Administration summarized the work of the Ministry of Administration in 2019 and proposed that the work in 2020 will focus on 5S management. It is necessary to further standardize system management and maintain the company's steady and sound development.

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The door&window manager Ms. Feng Lifang and the cabinet manager Ms. Liao Min respectively analyzed the quality of the product in 2019 and reported the implementation after improvement. They said that the quality feedback from customers is very important. The past experience and lessons are actually product experience Accumulation allows us to continuously surpass and improve in quality. We are determined, confident and more actionable!

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Mr. Huang Zhihui, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, summarized and analyzed the work of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in 2019, pointed out the problems and future development trends of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in 2019, and planned that in 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Trade will have a team of more than 20 people to use the new operation mode Write gorgeous movements in plain music.

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Mr. Xie Qiguang, manager of Guangzhou E-commerce Department, Mr. Lu Tianwei, manager of Shenzhen E-commerce Department, and Mr. Yang Xing of Zhuhai E-commerce Department respectively analyze the sales performance in 2019. Channels to further strengthen market development based on regional conditions.

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Mr. Wen Qiwen, Manager of the Engineering Department, planned the work of the Engineering Department in 2020. As the newly established department of the Lingyin Group in 2020, the establishment of this department will allow us to move to a new stage of the Lingyin Group, reducing The worries of the domestic e-commerce department.

Excellent staff

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The annual meeting officially began after the meeting. The staff of each department also brought a variety of exciting programs. The interplay of various mini-games made everyone present laughing.

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The annual meeting not only brought laughter to everyone, but also brought colleagues' hearts closer to each other. The company leaders and employees interacted with each other and the employees performed emotionally, so that the singing, applause, and cheering always oscillated on the venue. The climax of the whole party was repeated, showing the joy and harmony of the Lingyin family.

27The whole annual meeting is in harmony and warmth. The atmosphere of passion and joy has come to a successful conclusion. In 2019, we will work together to work hard to achieve common gains. In 2020, we will make a leap year. Lingyin people will embark on a new journey with a new look! We are full of confidence, with enthusiasm and tenacity, with true feelings and sweat, with passion and dream, write a new chapter!

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