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Home > News > Lingyin Construction Materials Ltd |All the way to Fanghua, pull out the anchor and set sail, just as you are Fenghua Zhengmao--Feng Lifang, Manager of Doors and Windows of Lingyin Group

Lingyin Construction Materials Ltd |All the way to Fanghua, pull out the anchor and set sail, just as you are Fenghua Zhengmao--Feng Lifang, Manager of Doors and Windows of Lingyin Group


In the beginning of July last year, she entered the Lingyin Group. During this year, she went from an ordinary door and window to the head of the door and window department. She used her labor and sweat to develop with the Lingyin Group. . She is Feng Lifang, manager of the door and window department of Lingyin Group.

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At work, she always asks herself, insisting on continuous learning and continuous improvement as the standard to measure her own value. Diligent study, hard work, never care about personal gains and losses. She always believes that hard work can only do a good job and work hard to make the work excellent, insist on a solemn and responsible attitude, and have a hard work and joy. Her efforts and dedication have been led. Consensus with colleagues.

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The enthusiasm for work and the unwillingness to live up to the trust of the boss is the biggest motivation for her to do her job well. She puts "everything around her" and often hangs on her lips. Whether it is to improve management skills or professional skills, she is meticulous and conscientious, and strives to sublimate herself.

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Since work, she has paid special attention to the cultivation of team spirit in her work and life. She has taken the initiative to properly handle the relationship between colleagues and create a harmonious working atmosphere. Under the premise of completing my job, I always take the initiative to assist others to complete the tasks assigned by the workshop. I never take care of the gains and losses, and often use the rest time to participate in the workshop.

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Feng Lifang said that in the future work, the production process will be more detailed and reduce the troubles of employees in the work. Although the work content is cumbersome and the operation is very large, she believes that the hard work pays off, as long as it is willing, If you are willing to do it with your heart and your mind, you will definitely do your job well.

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In the more than a year since Feng Lifang joined the company, she has seen the Lingyin Group running on the road of development with amazing speed. Over the past year, the number of employees of the Lingyin Group has doubled; the number of orders has been rising, the company has been It is to increase the intensity of publicity. As the company continues to improve, employee growth is also part of the company's development. As long as the heart, three inches of land, still splashing ink; as long as the focus, the accumulation of time, will eventually be thousands of miles; as long as the persistence, bricks and tiles, training can be crafted. Don't forget your heart, you have to always.

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"A hard work, a harvest," she often said: "As a leader, I must stand on the staff's position to think about problems and solve problems. I am a decision maker, but I have to do it in the position of the door and window workshop manager. An executor is integrated into the work and life of front-line workers. I believe that she will continue to work wholeheartedly with full enthusiasm, actively participate in the company's development, ensure the orderly production of doors and windows, and take the actual action as the Lingyin Group. The development and growth of the best efforts.

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